Просмотр полной версии : EZUHF Compatible FAQ

31.07.2017, 08:57
hi, is it possible to have an analog rssi output?
EZUhf (and origianl too) not have analog rssi- it have only PWM RSSI

to connect PWM RSSI to ANALOG RSSI OSD need PWM to ANALOG converter
google it like this one (http://www.sishobby.com/en/electronics/5-digital-to-analog-rssi-converter-ezuhf.html)

or you need made PWM Filter
but this not accurate and not all osd make it work

Bind Problem
make sure the firmware version is the same in TX and RX
if you have JR module and 8ch divercity
pls reflash EzUHFFirmware_TxJRModule.fw from http://www.immersionrc.com/?download=4902
and EzUHFFirmware_Rx8ch.fw
without "Preserv configuration" mark

When I plug USB in my pc it doesn't recognise it.
All RX tested and flashing via USB
pls check on different usb cable and PC

Hello I am just curious what is the max number of PPM channels this receiver supports?
It is full compatible- Maximum of 12 PPM